Photographing in the vein of the New Topographics, I documented architecture that protects other architecture in Malibu Sandbags. The series focuses on Broad Beach, an exclusive stretch of oceanfront in Malibu where homeowners erected sandbags in front of their properties to block the rising sea. Broad Beach has long been a site of contention between homeowners and beach visitors, between public access and private property. Public access begins 25 feet inland from the daily high water line, yet this fact more often than not gets disregarded on Broad Beach both because the beach itself is shrinking and homeowners vigilantly guard their privacy. Over two years I photographed the erosion and witnessed the beach get smaller and the barricades larger. Now there’s hardly any beach and imported boulders conceal the sandbags with little practical effect. My photographs serve as precise temporal markers of change within this particular landscape while alluding to broader economic and ecological shifts worldwide, as well as examine boundaries and limitations that divide us.